Manage Every Moving Part: From Cranes to Containers
Real-Time Asset Management for Optimized Port Operations
Ports and terminals juggle a complex ecosystem of assets, each playing a critical role in keeping cargo flowing. Bolt's CMMS goes beyond traditional systems to provide real-time insights for a comprehensive view of your port's assets.
Cargo Handling Equipment
Bolt predicts and prevents breakdowns by monitoring spreader mechanisms, hoisting systems, engine health, hydraulics, and more, keeping cargo moving efficiently.
Yard Equipment
Bolt optimizes maintenance for terminal tractors and empty container handlers by tracking engine performance, braking systems, and tire health, ensuring smooth yard operations.
Supporting Infrastructure
Bolt ensures reliable port operations by monitoring conveyor belt tension, roller health, and yard lighting systems, preventing disruptions and maintaining safety.
Bolt's Powerful Features Deliver Tangible Benefits
  • 1
    Zero Downtime
    Prevent potential equipment issues before they become critical failures, avoiding costly downtime.
  • 2
    Streamlined Work Orders for Port Crews
    Assign tasks to technicians, track progress, and reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) for cranes, reach stackers, and other port equipment efficiently.
  • 3
    Standardized Maintenance Practices
    Bolt's mobile based, easy accessible SOPs ensure consistent, error-free maintenance for port equipment by all technicians, regardless of experience.
  • 4
    Safer Operations with On-Demand Training
    Bolt's Trainings module equips port personnel with easy accessible safety training videos, promoting safe practices and reducing accidents.
  • 5
    Never Run Out of Spare Parts
    Bolt can automatically generate purchase orders when inventory dips, ensuring you have the necessary parts on hand to complete maintenance tasks efficiently and avoid delays.
  • 6
    Track & Improve with Analytics & Audit Trails
    Bolt's dashboards and audit trails give you insights into maintenance and ensure proper procedures are followed.
Empower your port to overcome maintenance cost challenges and aging infrastructure!
Reduce maintenance costs for cranes and cargo handling equipment by 10-30%.
Reap the Benefits of a Streamlined
Port Operation
Bolt CMMS empowers your port to achieve significant improvements in several key areas
  • Maximise uptime and keep
    cargo moving
    Eliminate costly delays by preventing equipment failures with proactive maintenance.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life
    Save money on repairs and replacements. Extended equipment lifetime by upto 5 years.
  • Improve safety for your workforce
    Prioritize safety by addressing potential equipment problems before they become accidents.
  • Simplify ISPS code compliance with
    detailed audit trails
    By maintaining detailed audit trails with Bolt CMMS, ports can simplify compliance with industry regulations like ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code.
Boost port efficiency and optimize dockside maintenance.

Streamline port operations and keep cargo moving with Bolt CMMS.