Transforming Governance with the
Consistent Rhythms App

Bridging Governance Gaps With Digital Excellence
The Government of Andhra Pradesh embarked on an ambitious mission to enhance governance and reform various social institutions, including schools, Anganwadi centers, and more. It aimed to address pressing infrastructural and operational issues by deploying the Grama Sachivalayam and Ward Sachivalayam staff. To address this, BeyondScale is chosen to develop the Consistent Rhythms app.

BeyondScale stepped in to create a solution that would revolutionise governance monitoring and bridge the gap between policymakers and beneficiaries.

Technical Details
Frontend and Backend Technology: The Consistent Rhythms mobile app is designed with a user-friendly interface using React Native. On the backend, we employed Django and containerized it using Docker, allowing for easy deployment and management. The system utilizes Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) for autoscaling, ensuring that it can handle increased traffic seamlessly.

Role-Based Access: To accommodate the diverse workflows, the app incorporates a role-based access system. This feature ensures that users have access only to the functionalities relevant to their roles, enhancing security and usability.

Web Dashboards: State and district-level authorities can access web dashboards that provide access to Management Information System (MIS) reports, analytics, and facilitate monitoring of social institutions. These dashboards enable authorities to make informed decisions and push ground-level staff to maintain the institutions effectively.

Open APIs and Interoperability: We designed the backend with open APIs, facilitating seamless interoperability with other technical teams and stakeholders. Advanced database caching methods enhance data accessibility for other teams, ensuring efficient data retrieval.

Workflow Management
The Consistent Rhythms app streamlines the monitoring of schools, Anganwadi centers, and other social institutions through a well-defined workflow:

Ground-Level Assessments: Ground-level staff periodically visit institutions, such as schools, and assess various parameters, including infrastructure, teaching quality, and safety. They use the app to complete structured questionnaires.

Ticketing System: If any issues or discrepancies are identified during assessments, the app generates tickets for the respective institution heads. These tickets are tracked until resolution.

Verification and Quality Assurance: A verification authority assesses the resolution of tickets and can mark them as "satisfied" or send them back for further action. Additionally, a random sample of tickets is sent to higher-level officials for quality checks.

Customizable Workflows: Workflows vary between different social institutions and departments. BeyondScale's development approach allowed for generalization, enabling the system to accommodate varying levels of verification, quality assurance, scrutiny, and analytics.

Integration and Impact
The Consistent Rhythms app integrates seamlessly with the Real-Time Governance Society and other in-house technical teams. It provides valuable monitoring data for analysis and decision-making, such as identifying school dropouts based on attendance data. The system was extended to monitor Anganwadi centers and address societal issues identified by ground-level staff.

Measurable Impact
The Consistent Rhythms app, accessible to over 4.5 lakh individuals, has directly benefited 7.2 million people. It significantly reduces time, costs, and effort required for government interventions. Citizens witness the impact firsthand, fostering transparency and accountability in governance.

BeyondScale's Consistent Rhythms app is a testament to the transformative power of technology in governance. Its user-friendly design, customizable workflows, and interoperability have empowered authorities and ground-level staff to make informed decisions, resulting in better governance and improved public services. This innovative solution sets a precedent for effective, data-driven governance in the digital age.

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