Water Scour Valves
Maintenance Management System
for Municipalities

Revolutionizing Urban Water Governance through Technology and DataDriven Insights
In the face of escalating challenges in water quality and distribution, Nellore Municipal Corporation took a bold step towards modernization. This case study explores the journey of implementing a cutting edge Water Monitoring Tool, aimed at bringing transparency, efficiency, and sustainability to the Corporation’s s water management practices.

Unraveling the intricacies of water distribution patterns and quality assessments, the Water Monitoring Tool sought to empower the Ward Amenities Secretariats (WAS) in overseeing, analyzing, and enhancing water services to every household within the municipal limits.

GeoTagging Module:
  • Mapping geo coordinates for every household.
  • Streamlining water connection details and ensuring accuracy through real time updates.

Water Quality and Quantity Management Module:
  • Conducting periodical inspections for every household
  • Ticketing mechanism for reported issues, leading to streamlined resolution processes.

Water Leakage Management Module:
  • Efficient reporting and tracking of water leakages.
  • Realtime resolution to minimize water wastage.

Scour Valve Operations Module:
  • Locating and managing scour valve Operations
  • Streamlining the operations of Scour valves on the scheduled days through the submission of short videos.
  • Incorporates validation process of geo-coordinates during the submission of videos

Web Dashboard for Supervisory Officers:
  • Providing a centralized platform for supervisory officers to view data analysis.
  • Utilizing Map view, tables, and data driven graphs for comprehensive insights.

Measurable Impact
The implementation of the Water Monitoring Tool resulted in a paradigm shift in Nellore's water management landscape. With realtime data, officials could proactively address water quality issues, minimize leakages, and ensure an equitable distribution of water resources.

In conclusion, the Water Monitoring Tool has proven to be a pivotal instrument in the modernization of water governance in Nellore Municipal Corporation. By harnessing the power of technology and data driven insights, the Corporation has taken significant strides towards ensuring sustainable and equitable access to water resources.

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